Breast Lift versus Augmentation: Chose Lift, Added Augmentation Later

Finally, we have an example of a young mother who had severe sagging pre-operatively (not shown) requiring a lift. Six months later she added an augmentation because she wanted a more full look, especially in clothing. In the picture at top left she is supine on the operating room table. In the middle photo, she is sitting up in the recovery room about 5 minutes after we finished her procedure, talking to me and her husband. Finally, the picture at lower right was taken about a week after her augmentation 6 months status post the lifting procedure. For both procedures, she chose local anesthesia with IV sedation, explaining her rapid recoveries.
You can see the typical breast lift scars as she rests on the OR table at upper left. These scars do fade eventually and even if they haven’t yet as in this patient, the marked improvement in shape makes them acceptable. I admire the closeness between this young woman and her husband who attended each pre op visit, both surgical procedures and all post op visits. This loving couple was meant to be together and you can tell they both are grateful to have found each other and started a family together. When I told her I might return to the States to practice she said: “ No. My friends and I will take up a collection to keep you in Phnom Penh. You’re not leaving!”