Medical Tourism: Concerns About Having Surgery Overseas

This short sequence of slides is meant to address questions you may have about getting your breast augmentation done at the Breast Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I understand there are concerns about having your surgery performed in Southeast Asia and I hope to address those concerns here. Actually, there are some distinct advantages of having your surgery here as opposed to the so-called First World, Western or advanced societies such as America, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. The foremost advantage is price. Our prices are ½ to ¼ of the prices in those countries. The same ratio applies to the other procedures we perform here. The second is anonymity. What better way to have your surgery performed outside the prying eyes and gossip mill of ‘’Hairdryers Row’’? But these advantages would not be enough if there were any safety issues associated with having your surgery done here. I have tried to anticipate your concerns on the next few slides. Most concerns one would ordinarily have regarding Medical Tourism do not apply if you come to Cambodia. 2Concerns About Having Surgery Overseas1
1. I am concerned about the education of the doctors in Southeast Asia. Does Cambodia have quality medical education? That question does not apply to me because I am American and got my undergraduate degree and medical degree in the States. I received my training (internship, residency and fellowship) in the States. Furthermore, I am a graduate of M.I.T. which for the fifth year running has been ranked the number one university in the world by the QS World University Rankings. Many people would consider my education to be better, not worse, than what doctors receive in your home country. (Please see ‘’About: Dr. Sheftall’’ for more detailed information about my background and American Board of Surgery scores, etc.). Even in the US where I am currently licensed, my education is unusually good. Incidentally, the woman pictured at right had her first operation performed for more than double the price in the US and came here for me to fix it. She is shown at only seven days post-op. Doesn’t she look marvelous? She told me that she wishes I had done it the first time. 2. What about the facilities? Are they clean and up to date? The answer to both questions is yes.  2Concerns About Having Surgery Overseas2
Your surgery will be performed in a clinic or a full-service hospital. Both are less than two years old and have state of the art equipment at the ready. (Please see ’’About: AMC-Cosmetic’’ for a complete description and photo gallery of the facilities and personnel.) 3. Where will I stay? Do they have good hotels there? You can stay in the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Room at the Le Royal Hotel if you choose to or you can stay in a guest house for $15 a night. These and many hundreds of choices in between are available. The prices in Cambodia are much lower that what you experience in the countries listed above. 4. What about the implants themselves? Does he use top quality implants? We use MENTOR silicone gel Implants imported from the USA. Occasionally, we use silicone implants manufactured by ALLERGAN, also imported from the USA. These are the only two brands approved for use in the States by the US Food and Drug Administration. Many patients request textured implants because of their lower published capsular contracture rates. If textured implants are requested, we use Eurosilicone implants imported from Europe or some very high quality implants from Taiwan. (Thank you to our beautiful patients who served as models!)dr_reid_sheftall_cosmetic_plastic_surgery_breast_augmentation_implants_cambodia_045 2Concerns About Having Surgery Overseas3