The Breast Augmentation Process

 Breast Augmentation Process 01

 Facts About Breast Augmentation

  • Breast Augmentation is the second most common plastic surgery operation in the U.S. (second only to Liposuction)
    Breast Implants are the only way to add permanent volume to your breasts. Fat transfer is in its developmental stages and the volume increase varies from a few months to years but most of the volume is lost within 6 months
  • Breast implants DO NOT cause cancer.
    (if there was any evidence of this, they would not be allowed in the U.S.)
    Because the implants are placed behind your breast tissue, you can still nurse your baby after surgery (feeding is not affected) .

 The Process

  • You and Dr. Sheftall will decide what size you want to be.
  • If your breasts are unequal before surgery, this can be corrected by inserting implants of different sizes.
 Breast Augmentation Process 03
  • In the Pre Op area, Dr. Sheftall will mark you and pictures will be taken. The nurse will insert an I.V. and give you some antibiotics. Before going to the O.R., you will get some medicine to relax.
 Breast Augmentation Process 04
  • Your surgery will be performed by Dr. Reid Sheftall.
  • Dr. Sheftall received his education from the finest institutions in the world: MIT (Physics), Harvard (Pre Med), Cleveland Clinic Foundation-Huron Hospital (General Surgery), Stanford & The Ivo Pitanguy Institute (Plastic Surgery) and U.C.L.A. (Burn Recon. Fellowship)
 Breast Augmentation Process 05
 Dr. Sheftall’s philosophy of breast augmentation has taken him far in the eyes of women who want a natural, non-operated look. Patients now travel from all over the world to have him do their surgeries. He believes the upper pole should be concave or straight like beautiful, un-augmented breasts. He dissects the pockets accordingly. He also believes that women prefer soft breasts and has developed a technique to maximize softness. Please see the several videos present on this site. They demonstrate the softness of the breasts augmented by Dr. Sheftall. Observe the shapes of the women pictured at right and see if you agree with Dr. Sheftall’s aesthetic sense. It is important that you are in agreement with your doctor!  Breast Augmentation Process 06
 He is former Chief of Surgery and Division Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Royal Angkor International Hospital in Siem Reap, Cambodia and Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Central Hospital in Phnom Penh. Before coming to Cambodia, Dr. Sheftall held staff priveleges at several hospitals in the US.  Breast Augmentation Process 07
  • You have the choice of local anesthesia and I.V. sedation or general anesthesia. If you choose local with IV sedation, you will be awake but heavily sedated. Most patients ‘’doze off’’ during the procedure. With general anesthesia, the anesthesiologist will put you to sleep for the procedure and wake you up afterwards.
  • Either way, the procedure is essentially painless



  • The patients at right elected sedation anesthesia and are talking to Dr. Sheftall less than one minute after he completed their procedures.
 Breast Augmentation Process 08
  • You will receive the best quality silicone implants available anywhere in the world. They are manufactured to the highest standards in the U.S. by the Mentor Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson. Recently, we have added Allergan, Eurosilicone and a Taiwanese brand. We use these when certain properties are desired but not available with Mentor.
 Breast Augmentation Process 09
  • Our use of the highest quality materials doesn’t stop at implants. Everything we use on you is state-of-the-art.
 Breast Augmentation Process 10
  • After your implants are in, vacuum drains will be inserted on each side and a dressing will be placed over each incision.
  • The brown dots on her skin are dried betadyne soap. The procedure is essentially bloodless.
 Breast Augmentation Process 11
  • After being wrapped with Ace bandages, you will be helped to your bed in the Recovery Room and rest comfortably for a few hours before you go home.
 Breast Augmentation Process 12
  • After a few hours of observation by our nursing staff, you can go home. You will be given some antibiotics to take for 5 days and some pain medicine to take as needed. Please keep your Ace bandages on and don’t take a shower (sorry!). You can take a “spit bath” and your friend can wash your hair for you but please don’t get the incisions wet.
 Breast Augmentation Process 13
  •  In a few days, you will return to The Breast Center to have your drains removed. First, your Ace bandages
  • Then your drains. You’ll feel better when your drains are out!
 Breast Augmentation Process 14
  • Soft cotton gauze will be placed under your arms for comfort. You can take these off when you get home. Then you can take a real shower!
 Breast Augmentation Process 15
  • You can wear a Sport Bra (elastic, wireless bra) at this point
 Breast Augmentation Process 16
  • This is for your comfort primarily. You do not have to wear the sport bra all day but you may find that it is very comfortable to sleep in.
 Breast Augmentation Process 17
  • 4 days later you will have your stitches removed.
 Breast Augmentation Process 18
  • You’ll feel comfortable in an under-wire bra at this point
 Breast Augmentation Process 19
  • After your stitches are out, you will learn how to massage your breasts. Daily massage keeps your breasts soft.
 Breast Augmentation Process 20
Breast Augmentation Process 20-1
  • You will have a scar in your underarm. Over the ensuing months, it will flatten and fade to an ‘’invisible’’ pencil line resembling a wrinkle. There are no scars on your breasts

Breast Augmentation Process 21


Your breasts will be their most gorgeous after a month or so when all of the swelling has subsided and they have adopted a more “teardrop” shape.













Thanks to our beautiful models!