Breast Lift versus Augmentation: No Choice

When this young woman saw my result as she woke from surgery and started crying (out of happiness), all those sleepless nights during residency became worth it and then some. She is only 24 and has had no children but had suffered with ptosis after significant weight loss from several years before. I had done surgery on her mom 2 days earlier and the stress building up for her “turn” was a lot to bear. The far left pre-op view demonstrates why I couldn’t perform a breast augmentation on this patient. Her right and left nipples are much too far below her infra-mammary folds so a lifting procedure was necessary. Can you see how her nipple/areola complex is medial on her R. breast mound in the second from left pre op view? Postoperatively, it is lateral and of course superior in an ideal position. The third from left photo was taken less than 24 hours after her surgery; hence,  the bandages.  The final, rightmost photo was taken on post op day 2, 39 hours after surgery. Please note the fullness in her cleavage area in this photo, even without the “help” of a brassiere. I love being able to give my lift and reduction patients a youthful, natural fullness even when not wearing a bra and of course they love it too… Mother and daughter left for a trip through Thailand on post op day 7 before heading back to Canada, both of them a little sore and a lot beautiful. I love doing breast  and body procedures and will probably focus on them exclusively when I come back to the States although I tried that here and the women kept talking me into doing their faces too. I love my patients so much, its hard to say “no” to  them.