Large vs Small


I hope you can begin to appreciate that, while implant size may vary according to patient preference and body type, with neither large nor small being superior to the other, a natural shape is always desirable and this is my number one goal when engaged in breast augmentation surgery. In other words, shape is everything; not size.  Large or small, a woman’s bustline should enhance her overall figure, not dominate it in a grotesque way. Please review all of the photos on these pages and those of other plastic surgeons and study the shape of beautiful unaugmented breasts. The latter is what we should all be working to achieve without leaving any scars on the patients’ breasts. Any surgeon who leaves a bulging upper pole on his augmentations is not conforming to the natural shape of a woman’s breast. Unaugmented breasts are concave or straight in the upper poles, not convex. An upper pole fullness may be attractive and desirable when wearing a bra but not when going without  a bra. The ladies pictured above received 375 cc’s on the left and 250cc’s on the right; a large difference yet I feel both are appropriate and beautiful.

(By the way, since they offer no advantages and some distinct disadvantages, and are essentially a marketing gimmick, I never use the so-called “anatomical” implants.) If there is interest, I will write an article entitled: “Saline vs. Silicone, Anatomical vs. Round, Smooth vs. Textured, Above vs. Below (the pectoralis muscle), Peri-areolar vs. Infra-mammary vs. Trans-axillary vs. Trans-umbilical (incision site)”.