Amazing doctor who made me feel totally at ease. He is from America but chooses to live in Cambodia where he offers different types of surgery for free to the Cambodian people, mainly children. He funds his charity work by performing cosmetic surgery on paying clients who come from all over the world. Having seen his other cosmetic work as well as my own I can definitely say he is just as good if not better than any of the top class surgeons in Australia. Having worked in the field of Aesthetics for years I can definitely say he is one of the most highly skilled cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons I have seen.

L., Australia


Over the past 2 years I have had 3 surgeries with Dr Reid. I had implants removed, my saggy throat tightened and implants reinserted. He is the best. So pedantic about the quality of his work, such a beautiful bedside manner and really proud of his work. He will be seeing me again when I need a facelift later on. If he is in the USA I wait for his return to Cambodia as I wouldn’t let any other surgeon touch me. Thanks doc you are amazing. Grateful to find someone who is so talented and such a lovely man

RP, Australia


Let me begin by saying two things: firstly, I wasn’t coerced into getting breast augmentation. In fact, if anything, my boyfriend had far more doubts and worries about me doing this, than I did! Secondly, once I had checked out all the pros and cons, I didn’t think that having bigger boobs was going to turn my life into a Spelling Goldberg production. I just thought that turning my “two tablets on an ironing board” chest into a good C cup would make my clothes sit better.
And how!!!
Since the very first consultation with Dr Reid (consultation is far too heavy a word- he actually makes you feel as if you’re just chatting to a friend who has your best welfare at heart) I knew I was doing the best thing I’d ever done for myself.
There was no hard sell. He told me what to expect, how much it would cost, and went through the entire procedure, ever so often pausing to make sure I’d understood. Then he sent me home for a “long hard think” about what I was signing up for, and to work on any questions I might have.
I got in touch with him a day or so later, asked him things I’d forgotten to bring up, and he answered all my queries without the slightest sign of irritation.
A week later, I had my operation. It went perfectly well, and I couldn’t believe that three days (yes, ladies, only seventy-two hours later!) I was back at work. All through that time, I’d only had to take two painkillers. I’ve had to take more tablets when I’ve had period pain!!!
Throughout the operation and the check-ups, Dr Reid has been nothing short of brilliant. He helped me dress after the operation (can’t see a UK surgeon doing something as infra dig as helping a patient put her socks on), and offered to bring round food if I needed it. He has constantly assured me that if I need him, he’s only a telephone call away.
Aside from that, my breasts have worked wonders! I didn’t think I had confidence issues before, but now I really enjoy dressing up, and going out, knowing that thanks to Dr Reid’s skill and talent (a word too often used today to describe people with a fraction of his abilities), I’m looking sensational.
I just wish I’d come to Cambodia sooner; not for the climate or work opportunities, but to have Dr Reid augment my breasts.


SB, United Kingdom


I just wanted to share my awesome experience with Doctor Sheftall. To be honest, deciding to get breast augmentation surgery was a really daunting process for me and I feel so happy that I chose him as my surgeon and my result is PERFECT!

I had wanted to get surgery for a long time but I kept on putting it off because it was either too expensive for me at the time or because I didn’t feel like I had found the right surgeon. I looked at tons and tons of pictures online and I was very afraid of looking like so many botched jobs out there, so I would only postpone getting surgery even further. When I met Dr. Sheftall it really struck me how comfortable he was with talking to me for as long as it took till we came to a decision that felt really comfortable for me but made sense for him medically as well (I went to one other doctor who saw me for the grand total of 10 minutes and then asked if the following day would be a good day to schedule the surgery). We looked at pictures of his previous work, videos, pictures of what I wanted and he really took his time explaining how everything worked and making sure that I would be 100% comfortable with the procedure and the result. He was never pushy and he made sure to explain what was going to happen before, during and after.

It was hard to come to a final decision about size and texture, but we came up with a strategy together and I am so extremely happy with the result that I would do exactly the same thing again. Before heading to the OR, his easy going manner became much more medical and serious, he told me that the most important thing was keeping me safe and away from infections. Once in the operating room everything proceeded exactly as he told me it would, there weren’t any surprises which was really good!

Doctor Sheftall will give you all the details that you need, but if I were to give you any personal advice it would be this:

  1. He warned me about post-op pain if I went for under the muscle. Don’t take this lightly; make sure that you have someone with you for at least a week that can help you out at all times. You won’t even be able to lift a glass of water at first.
  2. Be extremely honest with your surgeon, this will help him get you exactly what you want and get you to where you want to be.
  3. I followed Dr. Sheftall’s instructions perfectly and that is why I healed so well and so quickly. I had a horrid reaction to the painkillers and so I went off them completely. Ultimately the pain was less than the pain of throwing up. I called him on a Sunday and he still took the call and walked me through what I was supposed to do. I also had a friend that had been through this before and she told me time and again how important it is to KEEP STILL for the first week and even the second week. So, listen listen listen to your doctor and NOT to online forums where it is pretty much a free-for-all. Different doctors do things differently and have different strategies.
  4. Last, when I was in the room, Dr. Sheftall caught me looking around all over the place and examining it. The truth is that I was really nervous and wondering about the medical equipment, etc. He said “It’s not the place, it’s the doctor”. This turned out to be true. If you are wondering about going somewhere where you don’t even know the doctor (aside from his online profile) just because it is an incredibly fancy hospital it is no guarantee for a good surgical job. I was looked after at all times, had no infections and was home within hours getting some ice cream spoon-fed to me to take my mind off the pain. Go with the doctor that you feel most comfortable with.

Ok, I don’t think I have ever written a testimonial for a service before in my life; but I know it can be daunting and I really wanted to share with you how incredibly happy I am with my results as well as my experience. I hope that you find this useful.

-Expat, Cambodia

I was Dr. Sheftall’s patient. He is so great! First he did my sister’s breasts and they came out PERRRRFECT!!
Then he did my tummy and he did some liposuction too during the operation which he didn’t charge me extra for. My tummy was terrible after 3 kids but now it is tight and looks so sexy. He made my waist smaller so I have a hourglass figure now. I love him!


I just wanted to once again thank you. I’m not one for words on the spot and I didn’t really get a chance to tell you how much I appreciate what you did for me. I’m feeling better and stronger everyday. I am so happy with the way things are progressing. I’m really grateful for how you looked after me (aside from removal of the drainage tubes – OUCH!! ) and how you’re always there to answer questions and put my mind at ease. You’re an amazing plastic surgeon and you can surely take pride and “brag” about your expertise. Love your work

I will send you photos in about 4 weeks time when everything has well and truly settled. Thank you, thank you, thank you and I’ll keep in touch…maybe we’ll cross paths again!

Take care,
M., Australia


After years of frustrating dieting and exercising with negligible results, I visited AMC clinic shortly after my 60th birthday. I am now so pleased with the new, youthful body Dr. Sheftall has given me! So far he has done a breast reduction and torso liposuction. Next he will do liposuction on my hips and thighs. He has reduced my breasts by several cup sizes, and I am now down to a 36 C.  I feel so much lighter, and my backaches and neck pains are gone. In addition, only 3 weeks post–operation on my torso, my stomach is nearly flat and I am getting a pronounced waistline. I am looking forward to seeing the final results in 2-3 months, after the water swelling completely subsides. Moreover, having less fat near my heart drastically decreases my chances of developing heart problems later on.

I really appreciated how Dr. Sheftall took the time to explain every step of the process. At first, I wanted to start with lipo on my hips and thighs, thinking they were my worst problem areas. However, the good doctor also has an artistic eye. He said I would see dramatic changes in my body shape if we did the breast and torso procedures first. Then he could assess how much needed to be taken off my hips and thighs to create a beautifully balanced figure. I am so glad he did this because most women lose weight from the top down, so my figure reduction looks like natural weight loss. Also, it is easier to see where to sculpt my lower body now that the upper body fat is gone.

Initially, I was a bit fearful of the procedures, but Dr. Sheftall’s upbeat and caring demeanor offset any worries I had. In addition, his support staff was patient and kind. The good doctor explained the operations to me beforehand. Wisely, he did not overload me with too much information, but rather explained the after-care and the steps of the healing process in follow up visits, calls and emails. I liked how he encouraged me to keep in touch with updates.

Dr. Sheftall’s consultation was thorough. He spent time explaining my options and showing before and after photos of his other patients so I could envision the possibilities. The operations were painless and my recovery is proving to be swift. I could not be happier with Dr. Sheftall’s work. I highly recommend him if you want a better body in order to improve both your appearance and your health.

He also does great work on men. My husband is so pleased with my new body, he is going in soon for liposuction on his belly. I have one suggestion to potential clients: Whatever Dr. Sheftall advises, follow it! He is highly qualified and knows what is best for you. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Sheftall for giving me a new lease on life with a beautiful, healthier new body.

Elsie, Phnom Penh/ USA








Joined: 6-Feb-09

About Dr. Reid Sheftall at the Cambodiana Hotel, I actually did have a consultation with him. He is truly amazing, and if I was rolling in the big bucks, I’d go to him in a heartbeat. My consultation with him was one of the best $30 I’ve ever spent in my life. He was wonderful to talk to and very honest. I went in to talk about a nose job, and my “premature under-eye wrinkles.” He told me that yes, my nose is a little big for my face, but said it doesn’t affect my appearance negatively. He strongly exhorted me to not ever mess with it. He explained how if you mess with the tip of the nose, it can atrophy in later years, getting that skinny “pinched” shape that you see on rich old ladies who’ve had it done before. He could have cost himself a lot of money by telling me that (not that I could actually afford his prices to begin with.) So I appreciated his honesty.

He then did an “evaluation” of my face and told me what I could do to most effectively enhance my appearance, which was a chin implant (much cheaper and safer than a nose job) and wouldn’t make me look like a different person, only better. About my eye wrinkles, he said a lot of it is due to rapid weight loss and constant sun/wind exposure. He said if gaining some weight and getting out of the sun for awhile doesn’t fix it, it won’t be worth my money yet but should wait another ten years when it’s drastic enough to bother with. He wins the honesty award once again!

I never had considered a breast augmentation (boob job) but his before and after photos were very, very tempting. He does amazing work. He has experience, education and credentials up the whazoo (he worked at the same joint in Beverly Hills where Madonna came for some work) and he could be making top dollar in the states right now if he wanted to. Instead, he’s helping out poor kids here in Cambodia with free operations and fiddling with his golf hobby.

His prices were waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy to high for me, but still dirt, dirt cheap compared to the States, and if I ever have the money, it’s him I will be making an appointment with. He’s the only one I’d trust around this neck of the woods regarding anything to do with the word “scalpel” and “my face” in the same sentence.




7. “After talking to Dr.Sheftall for thirty minutes and having him explain what he did to his “befores” and why and then seeing the “afters”, I wanted to take off my clothes right then and there and lay on his surgery table and say: “Have your way with me!” (I’m talking surgery ladies although he is really cute… ) Anyway, he eventually did liposuction on my tummy and put fat up in my face in my laugh lines and under my eyes. I am sooo happy! Its been two months and I still keep going into the bathroom to look at my new face! Genius!”- Linda in Australia

8. “I did a consultation with him. It was incredible! I’m going to have him do my breasts when I come back next month. I work in Hong Kong. When we walked out to his lobby there was a princess from the royal family of Cambodia there with her entourage directly from flying in from France. Also waiting was a little girl there with her mother about four years old scarred horribly on her face with only wisps of hair from the burn. It was heartbreaking. He went over and picked up the little girl first and then went to greet the princess. I’ll never forget it.” – Michelle in Hong Kong

9. “I used to think (name removed) in Beverly Hills was the best breast augmentation surgeon but this guy is better. My breasts are shaped perfectly. I have great cleavage even without a bra and they are so soft only 10 days after surgery. AND it was half the price- including airfare and a free vacation thrown in!” – Akiko in Los Angeles

10. “My girlfriend wanted breast implants but I was strongly opposed because my experience with other women was they look fake and are too firm and don’t feel natural. But she begged me to get them for her and I eventually gave in. We went all around Thailand interviewing plastic surgeons and then a friend of mine in Cambodia told me about Dr. Reid. He said his wife got them from him and they were very soft and beautiful. So we flew over and I felt more comfortable because he was an American as am I. After talking to him, I felt even better. He said he would do his best to make them pretty and soft. I knew he would. He has a lot of pride in his work. His photos were impressive and I liked him so I said OK. He did it the next day because we wanted to go back. We took the stitches out in Thailand one week later. They are perfect and very soft. They are absolutely gorgeous. I’m very, very happy I agreed to do this. She is ecstatic.” – Rob in Thailand.

11. “At first I was VERY skeptical. What’s this genius everybody’s talking about doing in Cambodia? And the prices were low. I kept hearing that little voice in my head tell me: “You get what you pay for”. Then I heard about his charity. OK, that explains it. His schools were the best ivy league. So I went in for a consultation. The lady in front of me was Cambodian with her husband. When they left, the husband shook his hand vigorously and the wife hugged him. They were grateful about something. It made me feel good to see that. OK, my turn. He was really nice. He showed me lots of pictures and you could tell he was really in to the beauty part of it; the subtle things most people don’t notice. His work is AMAZING! Faces, breasts, tummy tucks, liposuction, everything. He showed me some lips he had done and it looked so good, even I wanted to kiss her! I’m a plastic surgery junkie. I look at pictures on the internet all the time and I’ve NEVER seen work like this. I wanted to have a tummy tuck and he told me not to do it until I was finished having babies because it would waste my money. He said come back after my last baby which I want to have in the next year or so. I’ll have him do my breasts and tummy then. So nice. He spent over an hour with me and charged me only $30. Honestly, I was embarrassed to give him only $30. Reputation well deserved and then some!”- Mindy in Cambodia

12. “Don’t go to anyone else until you check out this doctor. My friends had their breasts done here and they aren’t nearly as cute as mine. They want to go to Cambodia to have him re do it.” – Xinwei in Singapore

13. “I couldn’t afford surgery in San Francisco, and I have my own business so it’s hard to take time off… But I could come here to visit relatives and have time to recover from the operation… Dr Reid explained everything he was doing, so I was clear about the procedure and the care has been really good.” Kimberly in California


14. “Dr. Sheftall literally has the brain of an M.I.T. physics graduate, the eye of a film director, and the skill of an artist; and his work shows it”. – Felicia in Singapore

15. Good advice for plastic surgery

Contributor: tram27 [37] 2/3/10

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The best place to go in the region is over to Cambodia. There is an American plastic surgeon name Dr. Reid. He has a big following and he is GREAT! My friend went to him and she looks so natural and has the sexy cleavage I have ever seen. She said he is real nice and lets you stay in his clinic free for as long as you want before you go back. His e mail is Rsheftall@gmail.com


Plastic surgery a dangerous business in Vietnam

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Ho Chi Minh City, January, 2007 – Tram, a restaurant owner in Vietnam’s largest city, is not stingy when it comes to being beautiful. She has just had her eyebrows, eyelids, neck and nose done.

And then, to top it off, she went for a face lift.

“After five operations on my face, as soon as I recover, I will have liposuction on my belly,” says the 50-year-old woman, her face swollen and covered in bandages. Once the bandages come off, Tram could look like a wax model in Madame Tussaud’s museum. But at least she feels healthy.

Many others having plastic surgery here are not so lucky.

Vietnam, which posted over eight percent economic growth last year, has seen the emergence of a burgeoning middle class, mainly in and around the commercial hub of Ho Chi Minh City and the capital Hanoi.

Having a more generous cleavage or a slimmer nose is the new dream for many up-and-coming Vietnamese women, but demand has far exceeded supply, leaving women in the hands of unqualified surgeons often working in unsafe conditions.

Result: serious medical problems.

Tom Cuong Nguyen, an Australian-born Vietnamese doctor who runs the “perfect skin” ward at the Columbia Saigon Clinic, says many women suffer “complications due to the injection of an unidentified liquid into their breasts, lips or cheeks”.

Others looking for longer eyelashes end up with infections caused by dangerous implants, according to Nguyen Thang, head of the plastic surgery unit at the Franco-Vietnamese Hospital here. “Failure to use sterile instruments can also cause cases of hepatitis,” he adds.

After decades of war and suffering, women in booming Vietnam are embracing many Western creature comforts, including the right to look better. Beauty treatments, cosmetics and plastic surgery are all the rage here.

“My husband and I have a successful business that we are very proud of,” Tram says.

“Unfortunately, I was not born beautiful and I have turned 50. In the restaurant business, you really need to feel confident and meet people, so I decided to have cosmetic surgery. My husband supports this decision.”

Marc Villard, head of operations for the French-based Pierre Fabre pharmaceutical group in Vietnam, says the beauty craze first took off in the early 1990s.

“Fifteen years ago, Vietnamese women plastered themselves with thick face creams mixed with powder to make their skin whiter,” he says. Now, women see make-up and surgery as equally viable options in the quest for good looks, and most remain ignorant of the risks associated with such operations. They don’t think twice about getting a 300-dollar nose job, a 500-dollar eyelid lift or breast implants for as little as 2,000 dollars — a fraction of what a woman would pay in the West.

While Vietnamese women may want to mimic their counterparts in the West, they do not want Nicole Kidman’s nose or Scarlett Johansson’s ample bosom, but covet the physical assets of Chinese actresses and local beauty queens.

They also want procedures to be performed as quickly as possible. “Some come in for a consultation in the morning and want the surgery in the afternoon. Some don’t even want a general anesthetic, because they don’t want to waste time in the recovery room,” Thang notes.

This devil-may-care attitude, coupled with the total lack of regulations in the sector, means a windfall for surgeons — qualified and otherwise.

“In Ho Chi Minh City, at least 200 plastic surgery clinics are in operation, but only 50 or so are accredited by the city health authorities,” the doctor adds. Most practitioners can only operate on the face, with a hospital stay required for procedures done on other parts of the body. Nevertheless, most clinics offer breast surgeries and liposuction, using colourful ads, dubious references and certifications that may or may not be authentic.

A few weeks ago, a Vietnamese surgeon was barred from practising after performing an unauthorized operation. A judicial inquiry has been opened. Practitioners say the sector itself needs a face lift. “Only Hanoi University offers a certificate programme in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Vietnam is like France 20 years ago,” Nguyen says.

“Most practitioners are certified ear, nose and throat specialists who can perform orthopedic and thoracic surgeries.” Surgeons often train on the job here. Some become good doctors. Others instead offer their services to shady beauty salons and spas, where plastic surgery is performed in a back room with only an hour’s notice.

The nip-tuck craze has extended from the middle class to the prostitutes of the former Saigon, where an A or B cup may no longer be sufficient to attract high-paying clients in the city’s brothels.

So what about Vietnamese men? They’re largely unconvinced, but some have been tempted to go under the knife for surprising reasons. “When they fail in business, their fortune teller tells them it’s because their nose is too flat or they have a mole that is too close to their eyes or nose, which is considered to be a sign of bad luck,” Nguyen says. “The day after, they come in for surgery.”

* * * * *

Published on 1/19/07

Eyes Uper Lower Lids.

Contributor: loannieg4 [38] 12/22/10

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Don’t believed what Doctor talks. He practices many years in Australia and showns all kind of books how he will do.
I spend $700 for upper lid and lower lids, I loss money plus ruining my eyes.
Doctor Khanh, AVA office at 290 Hai Ba Trung. He does’nt care about patient. I never see any doctor careless, no integrity, like him. Please please…every body stay away from Dr. Khanh “AVA” office. He is a butcher….he’ll chop you like a pigs.

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Thank you for your input.

Good advice for plastic surgery

Contributor: tram27 [37] 2/3/10

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The best place to go in the region is over to Cambodia. There is an American plastic surgeon name Dr. Reid. He has a big following and he is GREAT! My friend went to him and she looks so natural and has the sexy cleavage I have ever seen. She said he is real nice and lets you stay in his clinic free for as long as you want before you go back. His e mail is Rsheftall@gmail.com

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